Terms & Conditions

Some projects require a 50% deposit or payment in full depending on the type of project, materials and total cost of the works. When making payment please use the invoice/quote number as the reference details.
Our bank account details are CHANGE BANK DETAILS

The quote is based on a surface inspection and should extra works be required not specified in this quote, Lignum PTY Ltd. cannot be held responsible. If extra costs are unavoidable, RTG will advise the client and agree the best way to proceed.
Parking and permits may not be indicated in this quote and will need to be included in the total invoice as required.
After acceptance of the quote, any cancellation of work, before or during construction will incur full costs for materials, labour worked to date and a $349 administration fee.
The property manager, acting as the landlord’s representative may accept the quote on behalf of the landlord. The property manager accepts responsibility to obtain the appropriate approvals from the Landlord and evidence.


Products and workmanship - 1-year warranty (unless otherwise indicated)
The warranty does not cover modification, operator error, lack of routine maintenance, repairs or service not authorised by Roaring Trade Group, removal or installation of the product, normal wear and tear, deterioration, malfunction resulting from accident or power failure, misuse, negligence, or acts of nature.

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